JBSS Environmental Vision

To reduce our impact on the world’s resources today and for future generations by being socially and environmentally responsible in our actions, practices and decision making.

State of the Environment

Staggering statistics and recent research continue to demonstrate the importance of making changes in our business practices to help protect our global resources and climate. Today, some of the most significant issues the world faces include:

Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continue to increase.

The earth’s surface temperature has gotten warmer over the last 100 years.

About half of the world my be living in water stressed areas by the year 2025.
(Source: World Resource Institute)

Each person in the United States produces 4.5 pounds of garbage every day,
compared to Canadians who produce 2.1 pounds of garbage per day.
(Source: IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control)

JBSS’s Commitment to Resource Conservation

JBSS has taken steps to become an environmental leader. From reducing the energy we use to recycling programs and sustainable packaging, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment today and for generations to come. These actions help conserve non-renewable resources, reduce energy and lower the cost per pound produced. JBSS is able to pass along the competitive advantage to our customers.

JBSS’s Energy Reduction Focus

Replaced plant high-intensity discharge lighting with
    fluorescent lighting and installed sensory lighting in all
Reduced natural gas usage in FY2012 by 21,000 therms
Reduced electricity usage by 25% since the program’s

Renewable Packaging:
Commercial Ingredients and Baking packaging materials
    now use 35% plant-based film
Reduced annual oil usage by 265,000 gallons
All corrugated boxes are purchased through Sustainable
    Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified vendors

Lightweighted one jar size of peanut butter, resulting in
    34,000 pounds of PET Resin savings
Plan to lightweight three more jars this year with forecasted
    additional annual PET Resin savings of 650,000 pounds
    for FY2012
JBSS is transitioning from composite cans packaging to
    40% lighter weight plastic (PET) cans. Last year,
    this represented nearly 200,000 pounds of less packaging
    material and over 85,000lbs fewer CO2 emissions for the
    same number of containers.

Internal recycling program including materials such as film,
    product waste, paper, plastics, corrugate and water
Recycled over 6.5 million pounds in FY2012 at Elgin
    facility, which is 82% of its waste stream
PET plastic used for packaging has the highest recycling
    rate in the U.S.
Supply Chain:
Extending our “green” reach beyond our own company to
    that of our suppliers
In cooperation with our transportation company, JBSS has
    been able to reduce its Metric Ton carbon footprint by 1%
    in FY2012

JBSS has recently received the following awards for our commitment
to environmental responsibility:

  • PepsiCo Center of Excellence Award
  • Finalist for Logistics Quarterly 3PL Study and Sustainability Award
  • ENERGY STAR Challenge for industry award for all of our facilities – the first company to do so!
  • ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award for 2011