We are committed to doing our part to reduce our environmental impact. Our results over the past decade demonstrate that commitment.

Total Company Electric KwH Usage/LBS

Total Company electricity metric decreased over 30% since inception!

Total Company Natural Gas Therms Usage/LBS

Total Company gas metric decreased over 20% since inception!

Total Company Water Gallon Usage/LBS

Total Company water metric decreased approximately 19% since inception!

Focus Areas 2022 Metric 2022 Increase / (Decrease)
GHG Emission – Scope 1* 38,190,000 kg CO2 e 7.12%
GHG Emission – Scope 2* 4,995,000 kg CO2 e 9.10%
Water* 35,182,000 GAL 7.21%
Packaging made with recycled material 6% 0%
Recyclable Packaging 79% -2.47%
Electricity Change 500 MWH -1.20%
Natural Gas Change 87,000 Therms -4.96%

*Increased emissions and consumption are due to increased production pounds.