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We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment today and for generations to come. In addition to taking steps to reduce our own carbon footprint, we source clean and renewable energy to power the majority of our facilities. This helps us use energy more efficiently and reduce our greenhouse gas impact.

Our Elgin, IL HQ facility uses carbon-free electricity that lowers our scope 2 GHG emissions and supports clean power on the grid.
Our Selma, TX facility uses power that is roughly 22% from renewable energy sources.*
Our Bainbridge, GA facility uses renewable hydro power electricity that is a zero carbon resource.*
Our Gustine, CA facility uses a power mix of 100% greenhouse gas free sources including; nuclear, hydro power, wind and solar electricity.*
*Energy sources obtained from the utility providers websites

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Have you ever wondered what the everyday impact of reducing carbon dioxide emissions translates into? The Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator translates abstract energy and emissions data into concrete terms you can understand, such as annual emission from cars, households, or power plants.