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We operate five high-capacity, state-of-the-art production facilities, three of which are strategically located in primary nut growing regions. We continually invest in the most recent technology, to ensure that our facilities operate with the most environmentally friendly equipment. These investments help to ensure that our carbon footprint continues to decrease each year.

We have replaced old plant lighting with energy efficient lighting in all locations.
We have implemented a compressed air leak repair program.
Temperature controls are utilized to optimize energy efficiency, especially in bulk cold storage.
Reflective white membrane roofing is used to keep facilities cooler, especially in warmer climates.
Production facilities use automated machinery to shut down lines when production is completed.
Roaster doors and seals have been replaced to increase efficiency and prevent heat loss.
Shifts in some facilities have been optimized to reduce both labor usage and hours of utility usage.
Insulation projects on building envelopes to reduce heat and A/C loss.