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We offer added value by being vertically integrated in key domestically grown nut varieties (runner-type peanuts, Virginia-type peanuts, pecans and walnuts). For these nut types, we handle every detail of procurement, production and processing, starting with field representatives who consult and work with select growers.

Once the nuts are purchased, we transport them to one of our facilities located close to the source of supply. We use proprietary patented technology that ensures a clean, high-quality product. Once processed, we distribute our portfolio of products differently to our customers. No other company offers the same depth of involvement, diligent pursuit of quality or attention to detail.

How we do it:


We buy direct from the growers. This helps us anticipate harvest conditions, respond to market opportunities and monitor quality.*

*Key domestic nut varieties only.


Cold Storage
Harvested nuts are immediately stored in temperature-controlled warehouses to prolong freshness and shelf life. Over 120 million pounds of in-shell nuts can be stored in our facilities nationwide.

Sorting/Shelling/Cleaning: To ensure a fresher, higher-quality product, we crack, shell, clean, size, blanch and dice most of our own products using the latest technology. Shelling, cleaning and inspection are done electronically with optical sorting machines and then manually during a final visual inspection.

We process most of our own products. Nuts are oil roasted, dry roasted or honey roasted either in continuous or batch roasters. Nuts are then packaged or blended into mixes that may include dried fruits, chocolate and extruded snack components.


We package our products in a wide range of containers – jars, cans, flexible cello packages, cartons, stand-up resealable bags and sustainable packaging – in a wide range of sizes, from 1⁄2 ounce packages to 2,000 pound bulk totes.

We ship both domestically and internationally direct to retailers, distribution centers and warehouses, tracking shipments from time of pick up to scheduled arrival.

Placement: When our product reaches its final destination, whether it be retail shelf or included as an ingredient in another product, our customers can be assured that they have received a fresh, delicious, high-quality product.