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JBSS is a different kind of nut company. Not only do we process and package nuts, we are also involved in every step of their journey from the grower to the consumer. This results in a more consistent, higher-quality product at an unsurpassed value, enabling us to create new opportunities to expand your business.

JBSS also offers several other unique advantages:

One of the largest vertically integrated nut processor in the industry.
JBSS is a sheller of three major domestic nut types: peanuts, walnuts and pecans.

Unsurpassed raw material purchasing expertise.

Executive management and commodity buyers that have at least 20+ years of experience each.

JBSS has some of the broadest and largest manufacturing and packaging capabilities for nut processing.

Our distribution spans most consumption channels:

Retail Consumer
Commercial Ingredients
Contract Manufacturing

JBSS is the largest Private Brand Manufacturer of nuts in the U.S.
Our brands include:

Orchard Valley Harvest