How often are jobs posted?
We post our positions as soon as they become available. We invite you to periodically check our website for new opportunities.

How long do jobs remain open?
Our positions remain posted until they are filled. Once they have been filled, the job posting is removed from the website.

If I apply for an open position, will I be guaranteed a response by a JBSS recruiter?
Our recruiters review and select resumes that are the best skills match for our open positions. You will only be contacted if your skills best suit that position, and we are interested in pursuing the next level of candidate consideration.

How do I apply for a posted job?
You must set up a profile and will need the following information when applying:
A copy of your resume

Work history information

Education information

How should I prepare my resume?
Microsoft Word® or text format resumes are acceptable.

All resumes and related materials (i.e., degree documents) should be in English.

Include only information that is essential for contacting you such as your name,
email, address and phone numbers.

DO NOT include your gender, date of birth, age, family information or
personal identification numbers.

Your resume should accurately show your schooling.

List your employment experience, areas of expertise and dates of employment.